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Seasonal High Speed Wireless

  High Speed Wireless Seasonal Connection Package Get a Seasonal* connection for $270.00 Installation by a professional installer and hardware $175.00 Plus tax (optional depending on connection device required) Note: * Rostech Seasonal HotSpot access is May24th-October31st.

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Hotspot Monthly Wireless

  Hotspot Daily, Weekly and Monthly Wireless Internet Connection Packages No Longer Being Offered. We are no longer offering DAILY, Weekly, or Monthly Hotspot Packages, only seasonal residential access.  Hotspot access must be obtained through the site owner.  We have changed

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Residential Wireless Internet

High-Speed Wireless Internet Connection Package Get a residential always on, no phone line required wireless connection for $43.50 per month $175.00 Hardware Start-up Cost (Includes up to 75 feet of Cable and a mounting post) Installation by a professional installer Up to

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Hot Spots

  Now You can have a Wireless Internet Hot Spot at your location! Rostech provides turn key wireless internet solutions to resorts, conference centres, marinas/yacht clubs, bed and breakfasts, wineries and hotels. Why would I want a Hot Spot at

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