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Sustained major damage at our wellington (main) uplink

Yesterday, November 1, we sustained major damage at our main uplink in Wellington Ontario.  This means all of our towers at West and East Lake that link back to our main uplink are down as well.  Our tower construction company

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Alert: Outage East Side of East Lake – Resolved

Summary of Outage Alert – Resolved We are experiencing an outage in the East Lake area that affects customers on the East Side of East Lake We have diagnosed the issue and are working to resolve the problem within 2-3

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Alert: Outage for Sheba’s Island Residents

We are currently experiencing an outage that affects customers in the Sheba’s Island and West Lake area of Prince Edward County.  We expect to have the issue resolved tomorrow (Friday Dec 15th, 2017) by replacing a network switch at our

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Alert: We are currently Experiencing Email Issues -resolved

Issue resolved as of 6:45 PM today… We are experiencing issues with our corporate email service for Our domain got blacklisted by Barracude and Sorbs Spam, so we are in the process of getting de-listed. This will take a

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