Sustained major damage at our wellington (main) uplink

Yesterday, November 1, we sustained major damage at our main uplink in Wellington Ontario.  This means all of our towers at West and East Lake that link back to our main uplink are down as well.  Our tower construction company is beginning repairs on Monday November 4 and we are very hopefull we will be able to climb and replace equipment next weekend (around November 9th)  With any luck we will be back in operation by Sunday November 10th.

I just want to apologize for the inconvenience of internet being down, but also say we cannot always handle what mother nature can dish out.  We keep our costs as low as possible for our customers and @ 46.50 we are the lowest price internet supplier in Prince Edward County.  For the majority of our customers we provide the same high speed service (and faster download and upload than most)  that you purchase from our competitors but at 30% less cost.  We also have no contracts and administrative fees etc.    When you sign up with Rostech, you purchase your own equipment and pay for the installation, so why should you be tied into a contract?  This is a fundamental principle of our internet service.   No Contracts, No Caps, freedom to choose.

With an issue like this, we bare the cost of getting the system back up and running.  We don’t have insurance to cover this, we just pay whatever it takes to keep the service going.  (added costs like insurance, offices, and staff increase the cost of internet.  we keep our operation lean so we can transfer that savings on to our customers).  We’re a little different than our competitors but we’ve been around since 2003 so we figure we’re doing something right!

I thank all of our customers in advance for your patience and would like to say I am sorry for any inconvenience the internet outage may cause you.  We hope to have the services restored by November 10th.  I will keep you up to date personally via our facebook page during the repair.  I posted a series of pictures here, so you can see the extent of the damage.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at our call center 1-888-502-0668 or by emailing us at

William A. C. Rosenblath

President | Systems Engineer

President | Systems Engineer Rostech Wireless Communications

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  1. Just an update, On Sunday November 10 we restored service to our customers in Wellington, Ontario. We are working to restore the links to East and West Lakes.
    We apologize for the extended downtime for our customers. We are working to restore these other services asap, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating very well with us. I will continue to provide updates on our facebook page ( and via our phone answering system.

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