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Now You can have a Wireless Internet Hot Spot at your location!

Rostech provides turn key wireless internet solutions to resorts, conference centres, marinas/yacht clubs, bed and breakfasts, wineries and hotels.

Why would I want a Hot Spot at my location?  – One key reason: Attract (and keep) new customers:More and more people are becoming dependant on internet access for their connection to information, and the rest of the world. For the business traveler access to corporate networks and email is critical. For the vacationer access to the internet provides information on where to stay and what to do, and how to get there. Facilities who give their guests wireless internet access will have a competitive advantage. 

How does it work? – Almost all laptops now come equipped with wireless network cards, so no additional hardware is required. To use the internet, guests simply connect to a broadcasted Wireless Network Name and begin using the internet. Users can roam from place to place within the facility never loosing their internet connection. Users can roam from hotspot ap to hotspot ap with the same network connection information within your site.

Why don’t I just go to Future Shop and buy a wireless router and leave it open for all my customers?

  • Liability. If you leave it unprotected with no authentication then anyone can use it. This includes hackers, spammers, people downloading porn, people downloading pirated software or music. You have no control without authentication. You could leave yourself open to legal issues. You could also incur additional bandwidth charges from your isp which could be hundreds of dollars or more.  
  • Ok, so why don’t I just put in my clients MAC address into the router? This gets to be a lot of administrative overhead. What if you are not around to do this? You want to make it EASY for your clients to connect. People won’t use it if it’s difficult to use.
  • Off the shelf components don’t have the power (range) or features to properly provide Hot Spot features. At Isaiah Tubbs Resort we are covering 22 Acres. Specialized equipment is required to get that kind of rang

  • Proper authentication can give you much more control over what is going on. For eg, you could:
    • See when people log on and off.
    • See how much each person downloads
    • Set time of day restrictions for some users
    • Set different access times and rights. For eg, you could set up a user id that is valid for 24 hours or 1 week
    • Bundle internet access with your facilities without giving it away.
    • Block access to the internet for unnecessary programs such as Kazaa.


  • No technical knowledge is required
  • We install and maintain the entire system.
  • Free installation if you sign a 3 year term contract.
  • Automated billing system. The venue does not need to collect payment.
  • Existing internet access is not required. We can assist you in setting up the internet connection. Internet service provider fees are your responsibility. If you are outside of highspeed DSL or cable boundaries we can provide a satellite connection. We GUARANTEE that we can get you a high speed internet connection ANYWHERE, even long point.

Why choose Rostech?

  • Locally owned.
  • We have years of experience building wireless networks.
  • We worry about all the details.
  • We can negotiate, install, and maintain the internet connection if you don’t have an existing connection.
  • Less expensive than competitors.
  • The solution is totally transparent to the venue and you will not be required to provide support, collect payment or take time from your day.

What is the cost for my Venue?Our entry package consists of:

  • one high-powered indoor access point/router
  • Back end authentication gateway
  • End user documentation on how to connect
  • Installation and training for the venue owner or staff
  • Documentation for the venue owner
  • 5 year contract.

The cost starts as low as $99.99/month with internet access included. 

If you need additional access-points or outside access we can come up with a custom proposal for you. If you need your office networked we can do that as well. Just let us know how many PCs you have.

What is the cost for each guest?

Guest Fees can be worked into your other service offering prices to help cover your costs or you have the option of charging independently for the network access.  It’s up to you once you have the service.

If you would prefer to bundle the internet access with your existing services, then we could set up an arrangement where we install and manage the service for you.

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