Day Long Outage June 27, 2018 | Post Mortem-Incident Review

June 27, 2018 we experienced a day long outage with our internet connection in Wellington that feeds all of our towers and provides the up-link to the internet for all our customers.

The cause of this issue was a problem within the Bell Canada Network (per our ISP), but the exact details are not yet known.

I have asked for an incident review document to be sent to me in regards to this issue and we will share the information with our customers once it is available.

We are very sorry for this interuption in service that was beyond our control and would like to thank our customers very much for patience during downtimes.  They don’t happen very often anymore since we did major upgrades to our network a couple years ago including upgrading to a fiber optic connection for our main uplink and upgrading the Point to Point equipment that links all of our towers back to wellington.

More to follow once I have the information.


William A. C. Rosenblath


President | Systems Engineer, Rostech Wireless Communications


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