Improvements for East Lake

This is a quick post to let our customers know we made some changes to the salmon point uplink that provides service to East Lake.   Last summer we had issues with throughput that began after putting new equipment up

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Say Goodbye to Your Little Friend

Say goodbye to your little friend. Not to the surprise of web users everywhere, Microsoft will finally kill its Internet Explorer browser. It’s been a long slow death for the cerulean “e” — which has become the butt of many good web jokes despite

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Why Netflix streaming is getting slower, and probably won’t get better any time soon

distributed from  By Sebastian Anthony on February 23, 2014 at 6:26 pm Updated @ 6pm, February 23: Right on schedule, it seems Netflix and Comcast have come to an agreement. Netflix now has a direct connection to Comcast’s network

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Storm Repairs Completed

pics from the storm damage and repairs

Tuesday June 17th, 2014 a very powerful storm rolled through Wellington Ontario knocking down trees and taking out the power in one of the most violent winds people have seen in years. When the dust had settled, we were in

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Storm Repairs

In the wake of the powerful storm which passed through Wellington Ontario on Tuesday June 17th, we are rebuilding our tower which was severely damaged during the storm.  Currently all services for all customers are down. We expect to have the

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Slight Service Fee Increase

This year we are working to increase our subscriber base and increase value to our customers.  We will be increasing our monthly base subscription fee to $43.50 from $42.00, and at the same time removing the 42 gig bandwidth cap

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If You Build It, They Will Connect


Q.  I live on Sheba’s Island, or in the westlake area….Can I get Rostech Wireless InternetA.  Courtesy of Don Mayne – Sheba’s Island Resident Here’s the view of the mainland to the North of Sheba’s Island Stretch out your hand in

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Extended Customer Service Sunday July 21, 2013

Rostech Hard @ Work Decommissioning the Old Tower @ Wesley Acres

Courtesy of Don Mayne – Sheba’s Island Resident   Note: The above shots are us decommissioning our old tower at wesley behind the barn.  Our Shiny New Tower will be featured in an upcoming article…stay tuned and Keep on Surfing! 

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Changes To Better Serve Our Customers

We have yet again made some changes to better serve our customers! First and Foremost I would like to let you all know about some Corporate Ownership Changes. We have had a shareholder change very recently.  Our previous Co-Owner and Vice President

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Loyalist Cove Marina Hotspot and Amherst Island Residential Access

As of March 16, 2012, Rostech will not longer be offering hotspot access at the Loyalist Cove Marina in Bath Ontario or Residential High Speed Wireless Access to Amherst Island. Due to circumstances beyond our control and some business relationship

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