Alert: Outage East Side of East Lake – Resolved

Summary of Outage Alert – Resolved

We are experiencing an outage in the East Lake area that affects customers on the East Side of East Lake

We have diagnosed the issue and are working to resolve the problem within 2-3 hours

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Details of Outage & resolution.

5/9/2019 – 10:02am – received first notification from customer that their connection was down, began investigating

5/9/2019 – 10:40am – Confirmed 3 devices not responding to connectivity tests on East Lake Silo Uplink.

5/9/2019 – 11:40am – Dispatched Call to request a reboot of devices onsite.

5/9/2019 – 11:50am – Notified customers that had called and updated telephone greeting, website and Facebook page.

5/9/2019 – 6:35pm – still working to resolve the issue

5/9/2019 – 10:23pm – issue has been diagnosed as a failed switch at the uplink point.  Switch schedule for replacement 5/10/2019 evening.

5/10/2019 – issue resolved around 7pm, confirmed by testing and customer feedback

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